A viral video shows a woman losing her cool and physically assaulting an airport employee at Mexico City International Airport because she was too late to check in for her flight.

Airports worldwide have unexpected incidents occur when dealing with customers from different backgrounds. On Nov. 1, a woman who was ready to leave Mexico City showed up past the check-in deadline hoping she could board her flight. The Emirates Airlines employee assisting the woman informed her that she would be unable to board due to airline rules. In addition, her passport had expired during her visit to the country.

Although the unnamed woman was aware of the rules, she became furious at the ticket counter when denied. A viral video captured the moment she went “ape s**t” on the employees.

In her moment of rage, she began screaming and cursing before jumping over the ticket counter. The Emirate employee helping her tried to stop her, but the woman began to attack her physically. The employee backed up and started calling for help to de-escalate the situation. In the video, the employee’s coworker tried to assist, but it was obvious she was scared for their safety.

The bewildered woman started trashing the area by throwing luggage, knocking papers and other items off the counters, pushing desk chairs, and hitting or kicking anyone in her way.

She then proceeded to hop on one of the ticket counters to stand up and continue yelling her frustrations about missing her flight. Finally, security came and took the woman out of the airport for her violent behavior.

“Emirates can confirm that on Nov. 1, an incident occurred at the check-in counter at Mexico City International Airport, whereby a passenger reported late to the check-in counter was also found to be traveling with an expired passport. The customer was refused travel and became unruly and physically abusive to the ground staff, making it necessary for airport security and the police to intervene. The safety of our passengers and crew is of critical importance and will not be compromised,” a spokesperson for Emirates Airlines told The Independent.

No updates have been shared on whether the woman was taken in for questioning by Mexico City’s police.