Fans were shocked after watching Lifetime’s Where is Wendy Williams?which delves into the former talk show host’s journey after leaving The Wendy Williams Show in 2021. The documentary, which premiered on Saturday, chronicled Williams’ financial struggles, ups and downs in professional/personal/family relationships and decline in health. 

Many viewers were conflicted about the documentary. Some were relieved to hear from the talk show host, and others were disturbed by its portrayal of Williams’ health and relationships. Of the latter, many worried about Williams’ closest confidants and empathized with her family’s perspective. 

Who is Wendy Williams’ nephew, Travis Finnie? 

Viewers consistently wrote on social media about how they thought Williams’ family, particularly her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., nephew, Travis Finnie, and niece, Alex Finnie, seemed to have her best interest in mind. 

Alex is a newscaster in Florida, where Travis and Kevin Jr. live. Not much is known about Travis other than that he has a close relationship with Kevin Jr. and once had a close relationship with his aunt. 

“Wendy’s son, nephew, and niece are the only ones being real and honest. Her manager and publicist ain’t s**t #WendyWilliams,” one X, formerly known as Twitter, user wrote. 

Other users criticized Williams’ team and praised Alex and others for their involvement.

Others believe the documentary shouldn’t have been released.

Where is Wendy Williams? is available on-demand.