Rising R&B star Josh Levi has delivered his latest gift to his fans. The 25-year-old delighted his supporters on Friday when he dropped the premiere of the music video for “Birthday Dance.” The long-awaited project, which pays tribute to the popular video game, Dance Dance Revolution, premiered on YouTube.

“Birthday Dance” first took off as an audio on TikTok, gaining millions of views and being featured in more than 200,000 user-created videos, per a statement from Atlantic Records. The song rose into TikTok’s Top 10 most popular R&B songs. “Birthday Dance” also became one of the popular songs on the R&B and Soul
Playlist of YouTube Shorts.

Levi shows off his dance skills in his newest music video while fulfilling the wishes of one particular birthday girl.

Levi and his beloved birthday girl get cozy throughout the clip. The pair seduce each other with their dance moves, embrace each other with warm kisses throughout the video and engage in a flirtatious birthday cake fight. At one point in the clip, the couple dance together on a platform that resembles the Dance Dance Revolution game. The duo show off their moves on the platform while getting even closer to each other.

“Sittin’ here on your birthday/ Didn’t even know your first name (Mm)/ See your cups goin’ empty/ Can I fill you up tonight?/ Sittin’ here on your birthday (Birthday)/ But it seems like the worst day (Mm)/ Let me make you feel okay (Okay)/ Can I take you home tonight?” Levi sings.

Levi is now joining another rising star, Flyana Boss, as she embarks on The Bosstanical Garden Tour. The duo will launch the tour on March 10 in Houston, Levi’s hometown.

Levi released his EP, DISC ONE, in 2020. Shortly after the release, the Los Angeles-based artist earned a deal from Issa Rae’s label, Raedio, and Atlantic Records.

Levi’s 2021 single, “What’s The Use,” was featured on Rae’s hit HBO series, Insecure: Season 5. Levi was also featured as the voice of Aaron Z in the popular Disney movie, Turning Red.

In 2023, Levi released DISC TWO (SCRATCHED UP), which featured “Birthday Dance.” Other tracks on the EP include “SEE LOW,” ALL OVER AGAIN” and “EGO.”