There is nothing more valuable than a lasting first impression. Whether you have a blog, business, brand, or online community, capturing your audience’s attention in the first few seconds is more important than ever. Now, most people think about branding as a website’s content, such as graphics, but there’s a whole new world of customization out there in regards to website addresses that can help with branding. 

Creative domain names are an alternative to traditional website addresses and an opportunity to make your website stand out in your industry. Who knew that the Internet had gotten so much bigger and now offers so much more choice! As the leader in this industry, Identity Digital helps brands, creative individuals, and entrepreneurs elevate their online presence with the world’s largest and most relevant portfolio of domain extensions. 

Here are the top seven domain extensions you didn’t know could help you stand out online:

For Techies & Creative Entrepreneurs


Mission-driven businesses, health and wellness gurus, and founders looking for a unique domain that speaks to the heart of their business should look no further than .life. This domain extension projects energy and conveys the impact on lives, enabling companies to communicate their vision to prospective customers quickly—for example, 

For the Personal Finance Coach


If there is one industry that has boomed as a result of the Internet, it is the world of personal finance. Whether you’re offering tools people can use to make investments or your services as a personal finance coach for larger money goals, this domain extension can make your business stand out with a keyword to help get you in front of more eyes (e.g., 

For the Event Planner 


There is an event planner for everyone’s unique vision or tool to help streamline your conference operations. .events can help connect you with the people looking for your services (think It has the perfect balance of keeping you open to serve many kinds of events while standing out from similarly named businesses.

For the Local Pizza Spot


We all have a local pizza spot we wish would get more attention online. The food is delicious, customer service is excellent, and it’s family-owned, but more people need to learn that it exists. Building a website with .pizza, such as, can help a new online business stand out.

For the Travel Company or Vlogger


This one is perfect for the travel content creator or tour guide company finally ready to make that website. For example, People already associate your name with travel, so make it that much easier for them to find you online with this extension.

For the House Flipper


When you see a property, you see potential, and you’ve turned disasters into turn-key homes. Showcase your portfolio of flipped homes or vacation rentals with a URL ending in .properties, such as, and establish yourself as a critical player in the real estate market.

For the Freelance Consultant


Turn your side hustle into a full-blown freelancing business with .consulting in your URL (e.g., Let people know you are open for business and offering your expertise as a consultant by bringing your work to the eyes of more potential clients.

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