A missing London woman has been found dead in Jamaica.

Karen Cleary, a 44-year-old beautician from London, was hard at work building her dream home in Jamaica when she disappeared. According to the Evening Standard, she'd been in regular contact with her family and partner, Andy Kane, until November 25. 

After attempts to find information on her whereabouts came to nothing, Kane traveled to Jamaica Saturday to try to find Cleary. Her body was discovered in what police described as a "shallow grave" on her property Tuesday.

"Since last Tuesday when I found out Karen Cleary was missing I’ve had a feeling that the freight train of reality was barrelling down the tracks toward me," Kane said. "Today it pains to say that train hit me hard." 

Jamaican police identified a day laborer working on Cleary's home as the primary suspect in her death. The Daily Star reports he confessed he killed her following an argument over some work that needed to be done to her house. 

The workman became the primary suspect after filing a suspicious missing person report, according to the Jamaica Observer.

Cleary and Kane were together for 13 years, and the 56-year-old said he is struggling to navigate a world he called "very dark indeed" after the murder of "my princess."

“Please before you go to your bed tonight say a prayer for her to whatever God you pray to and also make sure you tell your loved ones how much they mean to you while you still have the chance,” Kane said.

Cleary was born in Jamaica but had lived in London for the last 20 years. She hoped to one day move back to the nation of her birth and was building her dream home in preparation for that day.

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