At her birthday party, Marsai Martin got a gift that would make any blerd jealous. The Black-ish star celebrated her 12th birthday on set and she shared some of her presents with us.

One of them was a complete set of Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur from Marvel.

If you don’t remember, 9 year-old Lunella Lafayette is a genius, and not just a regular genius, but the smartest-person-in-the-unvierse type of genius. Through a mistake with an invention that she created, her partner in crime, a huge dinosaur comes to earth. They get it popping, saving the world and doing all kinds of amazing things we wish we were doing at 9. I literally just ate cereal and watched cartoons.

Moon Girl artist, writer, & creator Amy Reeder sent the young actress all of Lunella Lafayette’s comic book adventures. In the back of our minds we all said, “Y’all aint slick, Marvel.” Marsai has been a favorite to fancast as the 9 year-old black girl genius, especially since the most recent news about the role she may play in saving the day. But even more importantly, it seems like the young Miss Martin is a fan.

So what more do we really need to make this happen? Marvel seems like they understand that the character has the support to work off of the page and on the screen. Marsai Martin, the perfect cast for this role, is blerding out and showing off her comic book collection. Things could not be any more perfect for a Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur movie (or Netflix series) at this exact moment. Can we get pre-production going please?

Happy belated birthday Marsai! I hope Marvel sends you another present, of the casting variety, sooner than later.

Photo: Tumblr
Photo: Tumblr

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