Morgan State University received a big surprise on Monday morning when Magic Johnson stopped by the campus to check out the renovated Thurgood Marshall Dining Hall.

Although the Hall of Famer appeared mainly as a photo op (he danced with the band and posed with fans), the school undoubtedly appreciated Johnson’s presence. He was there as chairman of SodexoMagic, the dining services company providing meals to the university since 2020.


“They just opened up this incredible new cafeteria, and so I’m just happy to be a part of coming here, that my business is here. We have a great team that’s right here to take care of young people every single day. I’m blessed about that,” Johnson told the press.

The five-year $45 million deal will fund things like building upgrades and student-friendly meal plans, according to WBAL-TV 11 News. Additionally, Johnson mentioned SodexoMagic provides culinary classes for those interested in a career with the company. Johnson also dropped some wisdom-filled words throughout the tour.

In the past 25 years, the university had not switched food service providers until SodexoMagic came to change the game, CBS reported.



In addition, Johnson has reassured the university this will not be his last trip to the northeast Baltimore campus.

“Normally, when I have a contract like this, I don’t just show up one time. I’ll be back many times. So, that’s the blessing of this. And I’m going to the game tonight, so it’s great,” Johnson said.