Les Twins, the iconic dancers most known for being Beyoncé’s other twins, are fresh off Queen Bey’s Renaissance World Tour and haven’t stopped working. Taking a break from another tour, they popped into New York City for a whirlwind of a day as they partnered with Gatorade to promote the launch of Gatorade Water. 

As the brand’s first water release, Gatorade Water is alkaline with a pH of 7.5 or higher and electrolyte-infused, developed for “active people looking for an all-day hydration option.” 

Laurent and Larry Bourgeois are featured in Gatorade Water’s Always in Motion campaign, along with fellow Renaissance World Tour dancer Aliya Janell and So You Think You Can Dance/Dancing with the Stars alum Witney Carson. 

“How can you choose to not sign with Les Twins when you know we never get tired,” Larry told Blavity on the Gatorade Water launch event set, speaking to Gatorade teaming with them for the campaign. “We’re so light with everything we do. When we make it, things happen. It happens before we say so. I never signed with someone that doesn’t believe in our dreams, and I believe in the water. And water and Gatorade, I think it’s so unexpected.”

Most of the time, athletes are associated with the Gatorade brand, but with dancers at the forefront of the campaign, the duo believes it is important for folks to know this kind of water is for everyone.

“We’re artists, and artists touch everybody. All my friends are not dancers,” Laurent said. “So it’s beautiful to know that Gatorade is not being presented as just as an athlete’s drink. It’s for someone that may work in the bank. You don’t do sports? You can still drink this water.”

The brothers also spoke about how dance has become more accessible since the pandemic due to social video-sharing apps such as TikTok, resulting in people learning the dances from the Renaissance World Tour faster than ever.

“Dance is like fashion,” Larry shared. “Fashion…it goes in circles, and it becomes popular one day, and another day, it’s something else. And dance comes back up; it’s always the same way. The water, dance, fashion; it does the same walk, the same thing.

Another thing that people associate with Gatorade is recharging and replenishing.

“I love to recharge in my own way before we get on stage,” Larry added. “I don’t know why, but it’s just like, I never get on stage not knowing what and who I am.”

Larry joked that sometimes Laurent meditates and falls asleep, and they may have to put an AirTag on his brother to find him.

Laurent explained, “Yeah, sometimes meditation turns into a sleep. I’m not going to lie [laughs]. But meditating before going on stage is like when you want that inner peace to fill you before you get on stage and say all that you have to say today. This is where my meditation mostly gets me because we don’t have a lot of the time to meditate.