This is the year to make your blogging dreams a reality. Create a blog to promote your business, enhance your online presence, increase thought leadership, or do all three. But you don’t want to introduce just any blog into the world. You want to build a brand that feels as authentic and distinctive as you are, which is why choosing a unique website address is essential.

Here’s your guide to starting your blog, built on the foundation of a distinguished, new web address from Identity Digital.

Start With The Basics

  • Choose your web hosting provider. Your web host will act as your blog’s home and help people find your work online. 
  • Select a content management system (CMS). Your CMS will help you create your content and design your blog. For example, WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace are a few of the most popular in the industry. 
  • Create a domain name. Your domain name will be your blog’s URL. Keep it simple and memorable. But don’t stop there.

    The expansion of the internet is spurring new online branding opportunities by making more domain extensions available. Identity Digital empowers bloggers, freelancers, and businesses to make their digital mark with an extensive portfolio of domain extensions to choose from (think .travel, .coach, .news, .photography, .finance, .studio, to name a few). The odds of finding a brilliant website address aligned with your brand are in your favor. Start writing your brand story today by choosing a unique domain name with Identity Digital. For more information on the hundreds of domain extensions available, visit here.
  • Select a theme. Depending on your CMS, you’ll have a selection of themes or layouts to choose from. Be sure your chosen theme is responsive and offers easy navigation on all devices.

Create Consistent Content

Every growing blog needs a consistent content strategy. Start by considering what topics you will write about, your intended audience, and publication dates. To attract readers, we recommend crafting relevant, consistent content that is optimized for search engines. An innovative website address will help set your blog apart, and search engine optimization (SEO) can be further enhanced with keywords, high-quality images, and meta tags. The more optimized your content is, the more likely it is to appear in the search engine results pages. Choosing a domain name that includes keywords on both sides of the dot can help with this, too.

Spread The Word On Social Media

Don’t wait around for people to find you—promote your new blog on social media platforms and, depending on your vision for your brand, create separate social media accounts for your blog. This is one of the fastest ways to help people see your new blog, connect and learn about your new venture. 

What are you waiting for? Build the blog you’ve always dreamed of with the security, cutting-edge technology, and innovation of Identity Digital web addresses on your side. 


This editorial was brought to you in partnership with Identity Digital. Find out more about Identity Digital here: Identity Digital x Blavity Content Hub