We all know names are important. But when it comes to naming your startup and selecting a corresponding website address, the name you choose greatly impacts how people find, perceive, and engage with your brand. From capturing your company’s vision to explaining your offering, there is so much more your website can do for you with a powerful domain. 

With the world’s most extensive portfolio of domain names, Identity Digital helps you create a more distinct brand identity with an extra touch of customization. Identity Digital’s portfolio includes domain extensions like .email, .guru, .social, .restaurant, .life, .bio, and hundreds of others to help brands connect with their audience and cultivate awareness. 

Creative domain names allow brands to quickly communicate what they do while also reflecting who they serve. Here are five websites that are making the most of their brand identity with personalized website addresses: 



Canon, an established leader in the photography industry, has started to direct traffic from its original domain canon.com to global.canon. 

Funniest Amazon Reviews


Who doesn’t love a great Amazon review? Well, Amazon features its funniest reviews from customers at amazon.reviews for your reading entertainment.

American Automobile Association (AAA)


AAA club members can quickly locate their nearest AAA club with AAA’s unforgettable new domain aaa.aaa. 

Meta’s Make-A-Video


Make-A-Video by Meta AI uses text-to-image generation technology to create videos based on images and text. With state-of-the-art video technology, Make-A-Video helps bring your imagination to life with the power of AI. With a unique domain like makeavideo.studio, it’s no coincidence Meta AI empowers users to produce creative videos as well. 



Mastodon is a decentralized social platform that allows users to exchange ideas about specific themes and topics. Leveraging .social in its website address, mastodon.social, is not only on brand, but also clearly communicates what the platform is.

Building a cohesive and recognizable brand online is more important than ever, and this is where a distinctive domain name is essential to success. If you want to supercharge your brand identity, explore Identity Digital’s domains here

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