We get it. You have an idea to start your own business or expand your personal brand, but how do you turn that idea into a full-fledged website? And not just any website, a website that could help you attract the clients who are eager to find your work. We’ve got your guide to creating a unique, memorable brand with Identity Digital

Set yourself apart by choosing a unique website address and elevating your brand identity with Identity Digital’s extensive portfolio of creative domain names and domain extension endings. Whether you are starting a consulting business, blog, or online shop, you can choose meaningful keywords to create an unforgettable first impression.  

Here’s how you can get started. 

Step 1: Start with a goal or business plan to help you create a vision for your website. 

Step 2: Choose a website address that’s authentic to your brand. Your business is unique, so why should your domain name be any different? Savvy business leaders, creatives and individuals like you are enhancing their online branding by using Identity Digital’s website addresses. With the company’s varied portfolio of domain extensions, you don’t have to compromise when selecting your ideal, on-brand website address. Let’s explore some examples.

Instead of selecting a traditional domain extension following the dot (.) in their website URL, a design agency might use .agency or .studio, a gym owner .fitness, or a consultant .consulting.   Alternatively, .live would be an excellent option for brands in the podcast or livestreaming space, such as dealcasters.live, which is a highly targeted domain used by an Amazon Influencer startup, Dealcasters. On the other hand, a software company specializing in video editing may choose .video. For example, app developer PQINA chose edit.video as a domain name.

Differentiating your business sometimes requires doing what’s new or different. With a creative domain name, you create a unique customer experience before people visit your website. The journey with your brand begins in the browser search bar.

So, raise the bar of your online presence and explore Identity Digital domain extensions for your website.

Step 3: Choose a platform to host your website.

Step 4: Pick out a trustworthy content management system (CMS).

Step 5: Customize the appearance of your website to match your brand. 

Step 6: Customize the icon of your website address in the address bar. 

Step 7: Elevate your website for high-resolution by adding a retina logo. 

Step 8: Link your website to your social media platforms with social share images. 

Step 9: Create high-quality, consistent, and goal-driven content. 

Step 10: Track your growth with analytics.

Step 11: Secure your website with plugins and an SSL certificate. 

Step 12: Protect your website from spam with plugins.

Step 13: Help your website get discovered with search engine optimization (SEO).

Step 14: Choose a date to launch your website to the world!

Step 15: Make all final changes and edits before going live.

Step 16: Turn on search engine indexing to help your website get discovered through search engines. 

Step 17: Submit your website to Google for search indexing.

Step 18: Test your website on different devices.

Step 19: Check your website for compatibility with a variety of browsers.

Step 20: Check for broken links to your website.

Step 21: Optimize images to reduce page loading times.

Step 22: Review the website for grammar, spelling and any other copy errors.

Step 23: Create an administrative email address to manage any requests or messages.

Step 24: Create a backup version of your website.

Step 25: Check your website performance with a speed test.

Step 26: Audit your website to make sure it can perform in terms of content, SEO, functionality and design.

Step 27: Publish.

Step 28: Promote your new website through social media.

Start writing your brand’s story today by choosing a unique domain name. For more information on Identity Digital website addresses, visit here.

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