Frank Ocean is a musical genius, therefore you know his mom is probably equally as dope.

Katonya Breaux recently released a sunscreen for people of color. After becoming fed up with the white film left behind from traditional sunscreen, Breaux created UnSun. The mineral tinted facial sunscreen is SPF30 and includes natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax.

“UnSun was made specifically for people of color representing the beige to dark chocolate tones of the spectrum. The desire to protect our skin from the sun should not mean having to wear foundation in order to cover the white and gray film that’s present after the application,” Breaux wrote on the site. “UnSun was specifically formulated with a mineral tint to address this concern. Tested on tones that range from olive to the darkest of chocolate, Unsun meets the challenge.”

Ya’ll hear that?

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She’s protecting your ash.

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Back in 2013, Breaux aired out her frustrations on Twitter.

“Shortly after that, I called a friend of mine in the hair-care business and asked if I could meet the folks at their lab. That’s how the whole process started,” she told The Cut.

So excited!! It’s here! Coming to you very soon!!!🌞🌞#sunprotectionforall #protectyourskin

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UnSun is available for purchase online. Breaux says the line will expand with body and lip products currently in development.

As women of color continue calling on beauty manufacturers to become more inclusive with products catering to darker skin tones, Breaux says companies should be put forth greater efforts in addressing the inadequacies.

“There’s still a great need. There are multiple other brands that really need to get onboard. It will happen. The voices are getting louder, but of course there’s a need.”

Yaaas Mother Ocean, yaaas!

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