Meet Journey Carter, a Prairie View A&M student pioneering her path of success as she releases her second-coming streetwear line. We Are Not The Same” is Carter’s second collection behind her introductory collection,” Different” by The Journey Collection.

BlavityU had the chance to talk with the 18-year-old about her creations and what they mean to her. With both of Carter’s collections having powerful namesakes, we had to ask what the symbolism behind them meant.

“What makes someone ‘different’ is simply, who they are. When you embrace your true passions, struggles, and beliefs, you begin to live out your fullest potential. I am not like the person sitting next to me. I do things my own way, and I have my own passion and beliefs. There is beauty in our differences, and it adds color to our world,” Carter said.

Carter’s second collection is a stamp of celebrating diversity and inclusion at the intersection of culture in every way.

“The newest collection, ‘We Are Not The Same’, is another step towards embracing our differences,” Carter said. Creating the second collection within four months, ‘We Are Not The Same’ highlights the differences amongst us all and just how dope they are. Diversity and inclusion are so important because it unites people. Diversity is beautiful, and it shows the differences between so many people that live in this world. Inclusion is what unties those differences.”

Gen Z has been the face of diversity and inclusion, constantly fighting modern norms and agendas. They have cultivated streetwear into the latest trends from their outward thinking over the past two years.

The newest The Journey Collection is slightly different than her first– streetwear that speaks to Gen Z and the culture, featuring dope crew neck sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, and beanies.

“The difference [between the two collections] is the growth. I’ve grown so much into who I am becoming. My point of view is different, my intentions are different, and I am able to see more of the world now and understand,” Carter said. “My new collections are a segway into becoming a mental health platform. I want to be a voice for those who feel invalidated or scared to embrace their struggles. I once felt this way, but as I grow, I want to empower others to do the same”.

Carter’s designs have received celebrity support from Tabitha Brown, Cynthia Bailey, Ayesha Curry, Robi Reed, Jessie & D’Lila Combs, Romeo Miller, Tamar Braxton, Michelle Williams, Erica Campbell, and a plethora of others embracing the brand.



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Celebrities from all over have paid a visit to The Journey Collection store at the Beverly Center in LA.

And despite having so much on her plate, Carter still has fashion goals for her brand.

“In terms of fashion, I have many goals. I want to become a larger brand with different types of clothing for everyone. I also desire to learn how to sew, rework fashion, and ultimately build my fashion sense,” Carter said.


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Carter is not only a creative designer but she’s filming on the sets of Netflix’s Family Reunion, BET’s Kingdom Business, and Ava DuVernay and Colin Kaepernick’s Netflix series Colin in Black & White. Carter is truly “different,” claiming her mark in the creative and architectural world.