OWN has renewed its latest unscripted series, First-Time Buyers Club, for a second season.

Premiering in December 2023, First-Time Buyers Club became Saturday night’s #1 original cable series (without sports) in its time slot across all key Black audience demos.

“This series perfectly embodies OWN’s commitment to serve and empower our audience across many facets of their lives, including the journey towards home ownership,” said Tina Perry, President of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. “Amina inspires us to see that home ownership is more than just possession of a piece of property, it’s about owning a piece of one’s dream and securing a solid foundation.”

The show is headlined by Amina Stevens, a former high school teacher turned realtor who believes everyone deserves a place to call home.

First-Time Buyer’s Club is an authentic and in-depth look at the exciting but complex journey of becoming a homeowner for the very first time, no matter the stage in life. Amina is a trusted partner and confidante as she guides her clients through every stage of the home-buying process, helping to educate and inspire along the way,” the synopsis reads. “Each and every sale also furthers Amina’s ultimate mission and passion with her work — the building of wealth and the reduction of housing disparity in the Black community. By investigating each client’s unique situation and potential incentive programs available to them, Amina takes pride in helping her clients break through the myths about home ownership so they can realize their home ownership dreams.”

Stevens spoke to Blavity’s Shadow and Act Unscripted about the series at the top of season 1.

“There isn’t a place on real estate TV for a show like this, so they’re taking a huge risk in regards to producing a show that doesn’t have a script, that doesn’t have a desired ending,” she said. “They’re like, ‘Hey, if a person buys a house, we’re gonna show that they bought the house. If the house falls through in inspections, we’ll show that. If the person quits the process, we’re gonna show that’ because they believe in the show so much and the impact of telling these stories, so it’s been really amazing to be welcomed with open arms to be able to show the reality of real estate even when OWN doesn’t know how the audience is gonna receive it, has never done a show like this on their network, and it’s not really one that has been done before.”

Production on the second season of First-Time Buyers Club, will begin this year, with a projected airdate in late 2024.