Red-eye flights can be a nightmare, and reality TV star Draya Michele experienced that firsthand, finding herself in the middle of a lovers’ quarrel while in the air.

According to The Jasmine Brand, the media personality chronicled what happened on her Instagram stories.

“Ok long story short. I’m on a flight. I’m in the middle seat. A husband and wife are on either side of me. I asked them if they want to sit next to each other. She told me no … she doesn’t want a middle seat,” she explained.

She went on, sharing that the couple was chit-chatting over her while she sat in-between them — much to her annoyance — with very little regard for how late in the night it was.

“I told them they can’t talk to each other,” she recounted. “Now they both sitting arms folded pissed.”

That only made Michele more upset.

“I’m folding my arms too. Cuz I’m still in the middle. We all pissed,” she explained.

She also apologized to the wife in advance if she turned to her husband for support if the flight got rocky.

“Now if I hold his hand during turbulence … sorry sis. I be scared.”


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Most viewers agreed with the 37-year-old.

One wrote, “I am with Draya on this one!”

“She right,” added another.

But not everyone was convinced. One viewer thought Michele overreacted, but they loved to see it.

“That’s that Aquarius s**t they too damn petty. but I love it,” they wrote.