Making your mark as a startup in an industry full of recognizable household names has its challenges. But with a memorable website address, your startup can create an unforgettable first impression. 

Businesses can stand out in their industry by choosing a unique domain extension, which is the last segment of a URL or the part of a domain that comes after the dot. While we have traditionally seen domains that end with “.com,” there are so many more descriptive options available for businesses to use. As an example, domain extensions like .social have been increasing in popularity. These types of domain names allow the user to craft an authentic digital identity that leaves an impact on potential new clients. 

When it comes to finding a new, relevant website address, Identity Digital is leading the industry, elevating online identities for individuals and organizations with the world’s most extensive portfolio of domain extensions. Identity Digital’s diverse portfolio allows you to choose words on both sides of the dot that are meaningful to your business. This way, your brand is represented in the most unique, memorable way possible.  

In the competitive online business space, more entrepreneurs are choosing creative web addresses to create digital addresses and brand identities. In the first two weeks of November, shortly after Elon Musk acquired Twitter, .social TLD registrations were up 435%. With an increase of 489,000 users in less than two weeks, as reported in a post by Mastodon founder Eugen Rochko, Mastodon is only one example of how personalized domain names can help users better recognize your brand and gain traction online. 

Fortune 500 companies are also claiming distinguished domain names for new products and services, such as By using keywords in website addresses, companies can associate their brand name with a new industry or service offering with ease. Additionally, creative web addresses can help brands leave a lasting first impression on target audiences while clearly communicating what your business is about.

Looking for inspiration to give your brand a compelling website address? According to Identity Digital’s February 2023 Domain Trend Report, these are the company’s top 10 domain extensions: 











Elevate your brand with a memorable domain name that helps you stand out from the competition. Identity Digital domains are available for purchase at your favorite domain retailer.

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