Alexa Meade is known for her riveting artistry that parallels 3D imagery inside of a 2D painting.

Simply put, she literally paints her subjects.


She then photographs or films the finished piece and the effect is a moving canvas. Her latest creation comes in video form as an ode to black lives. “Color of Reality” is led by artists Jon Boogz and Lil Buck, both immersed
in a wide array of colors as a tribute to the black lives that were cut short due to police brutality.

In the YouTube description, the video is described as “Transfixed by racial, political, and socioeconomic tensions saturating the news, movement artists Jon Boogz and Lil Buck, enveloped by the art of Alexa Meade, switch off the TV and release their emotion into a stirring dance that is both a lament and a spirited call to action.
Movement artists Jon Boogz and Lil Buck, who use dance to move people and improve the world, find alchemy with Meade’s perspective-changing art. The result is a powerful, mesmerizing reflection, a moving 2D art representation, of the state of today’s society.”

After the men watch a news report about the murders of unarmed black men, the two act out their chilling devastation. Buck and Boogz exit the painted living room, floating to the outside which encapsulates Meade’s vision with the reality of society. The video concludes with both men stopping dead in their tracks as gunshots are heard.

The message? Stop the violence. Check out the entire video.

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