From the birth of new slang to challenges that nurture a sense of community, the ever-evolving landscape of social media is undeniably entertaining. There was one particular viral trend, however, that captured users across the globe this past holiday season— The TikTok Ceiling Challenge. What essentially began as a creative experiment on the popular short-form video platform unexpectedly grew into a dynamic and widespread movement that transcended platforms and cultural boundaries.

As the Ceiling Challenge took over our TikTok and various social media feeds, we witnessed multiple generations come together to enjoy the innocence of child-like wonder and play. Ahead, we’ll explain how and why the trend surfaced on the internet and why it might be the best thing for your family dinner activity.

What Is the Ceiling Challenge on TikTok?

Originating on TikTok, the Ceiling Challenge has transcended from TikTok to Instagram and various other platforms, transforming them into dynamic showcases of artistic expression. The fun part about the challenge is that its flaws and imperfections outweigh the making of a perfect video, adding excitement to the trend.

The core of the TikTok ceiling challenge involves placing your phone on the ceiling using tape and dancing beneath the camera. The vibrant beats of the song “Surround Sound” by J.I.D, featuring 21 Savage and Baby Tate, is the background audio for the song, which has inspired over 57,000 TikTok videos, showcasing users’ diverse dance moves. The immense popularity of the challenge has garnered over 320 million views under the viral hashtag #CeilingChallenge. From twerking to creative and adventurous interpretations, creators worldwide enthusiastically participate in the trend.

The driving creative force behind this trend is Josiah Lebante, an 18-year-old aspiring filmmaker hailing from the Philippines. Triggered by his fascination with filmmaker Karl Shakur’s aerial shots, Josiah’s seemingly uncomplicated act of taping his phone to the ceiling during a casual lunch break with friends has ignited a global phenomenon.

Lebante’s innovative concept has spread its roots from the Philippines, captivating audiences across the globe and transforming the TikTok ceiling challenge into a widespread and imaginative global movement.

You Can Bond With Family Over the Ceiling Challenge

Not only has this trend bridged global communities, but it also serves as an opportunity to indulge in lighthearted fun with the ones you love. While social media can prove to be isolating for an older generation who may not be as comfortable navigating the internet’s swallowing interface, letting a TikTok trend be an invitation to spend time together in an unorthodox way transcends all digital insecurity.

Time is in a great rush and it’s imperative that the time we still have on our hands with our family members, both young and old, is valued as sacred. Rather than creating more distance with generational divides and conflicting beliefs, nurture everyone’s child with dance and creativity. With the Ceiling Challenge taking storm during Thanksgiving, we were crucially reminded that the holidays are not just about a delicious feast, but most importantly, the quality of time spent in the company of those that matter most.

So, How Do You Play the Ceiling Challenge?

Continuing to trend on TikTok, the Ceiling Challenge is a fun and interactive game to play with anyone, friends and family alike. The trend has amassed millions of views and has garnered widespread attention on the platform. All you need is for the participants to huddle up around each other. From there, try setting up your video camera and placing it on a ceiling fan or something that can hold your phone if a ceiling fan isn’t present. Once the group is fully huddled together, have someone start the dance off in the middle with some music. After that, another person goes, and then another and another, followed by the whole group participating in a series of dances as if they’re at a house party. The trend is extremely fun and can add a touch of excitement to the day.

The TikTok Ceiling Challenge is a great way to have some fun while deepening your bond with loved ones. What started as a casual experiment has evolved into a global movement, showcasing the universal appeal of creativity and the ability of social media to unite people from different corners of the world. As the challenge continues to inspire and captivate, it remains a symbol of the limitless possibilities that emerge when innovation meets the vast, interconnected world of social media. And most importantly, it proves that at the end of the day, grandmothers and their grandchildren alike just want to dance.