Walking into the building at AfroTech, I was met with an ocean of beautiful people of color. Unbeknownst to me, a myriad of other people would come pouring through the doors behind me. Different shades of melanin culminated into a grandiose display of our people pursuing, supporting, and getting involved in technology.

From the captivating iconic AfroTech hues of purple and blue marching through my gaze as they paraded across each screen, to the special guest appearances, it was an amazing experience! I would recommend that if you didn’t go this year, that you register and go next year. 

Credit Robin L Marshall/Getty Images for AFROTECH

With the muffled sound of music tugging at my curiosity, I ventured through the halls. One of the first things that caught my attention was the size of the venue – the enormity. At every turn I was met with a room full of people talking about various types of software, or a hidden staircase leading me to more interesting conferences regarding tech. In my pursuit, I’d also discovered how engaging the organizers made the environment.

All of my senses were occupied, my affinity for rhythm was satisfied by the sound of R&B and Hip-Hop radiating throughout the building. My sense of smell was met with hot, freshly prepared jerked chicken that climbed through my nostrils to my brain. My sense of smell was left plagued with the sensation of the chef’s mouth-watering food sliding down my throat, quenching the fervor I had brewing inside. And my sense of touch was tasked with pulling apart and inspecting each goodie bag I’d been gifted by those giving interactive presentations. 

Credit Robin L Marshall/Getty Images for AFROTECH

Many influential people came to discuss the importance of technology. I found myself leaving each one with a deeper understanding of how technology could be applied to a plethora of different arenas. Bubba Wallace, Ryan Wilson, and Arlan Hamilton are just a few heavy hitters who took to the stage to paint a more digestible image of their fields. They also discussed how science applied to their journeys, and where they’re headed.

I also enjoyed myself at the Expo Center. There were amazing opportunities for those seeking jobs in the scientific space. I’d also learned about many positions offered by companies I wouldn’t have expected to operate in these capacities, like Starbucks or Sephora. 

Credit Robin L Marshall/Getty Images for AFROTECH

All in all, AfroTech was a riveting experience! I definitely plan to go again. From the decorations dawning the AfroTech colors, to the people that came to speak, it was a very interesting, entertaining, and educational event. This was my take, but you won’t really understand unless you venture out there yourself. Will I be seeing you at the next one?

Zada Luby is a first-year student at Gwinnett Technical college, she’s a nursing major who loves art, nature, and helping her community grow. Follow her interests and more here.