The excitement of being a college student is most prevalent during your freshman year. You’ve bought all of your college gear, you’ve met your roommate, but now it’s time for dorm life. For some, it can be hard transitioning to college in regards to being comfortable when being away from home. Decorations and other small amenities in your dorm make a difference on how your experience may be on a day to day basis. Here are five products you need to purchase to help enhance your dorm experience this school year. 

Fairy Lights

This trendy room decoration has been gaining popularity over the past few years and hasn’t stopped yet! Fairy Lights can be your cheat to have additional low lighting in your room without having an actual night light. These string lights can range anywhere from 30 to 100 lights on one roll. Some fairy lights even have different shades of color including yellow, white, and pink. 

Coffee Maker

Being a college student can get more expensive by the day if you’re not careful with your spending. Even if you aren’t the biggest coffee drinker, it makes a difference when you can utilize your at-home resources. It will save you time in the long run to make a quick cup of coffee on your way to classes and help you stay awake during the day. You can even buy additives to your coffee online in bulk to save on money as well. 

Lap Desk

On the days you may not feel like going to the library or student center, having a lap desk is the perfect way to keep your dorm studying sessions comfortable. Many variations of the product offer compartments to hold your writing tools, cups, and electronic devices. 

Cushion Headboard

No one enjoys an uncomfortable bed, especially when it’s a twin XL. A cushion headboard might be just what you need to help have more comfortable nights of sleep. This product comes in numerous colors and designs for your liking and is easy to attach to your bed. The pricing for this item is a little bit expensive, but worth it to have for multiple years in college. 

Desk Vanity

For all the beauty enthusiasts out there, investing in a desk vanity is just what you need to give you that boost of confidence while doing your favorite makeup looks. Many vanities already come with light bulbs. But should you want to readjust the lighting of them so that you can utilize the settings that come with the mirror, or replace the bulbs to your liking. This is the perfect hack if you’ve desired having an actual vanity and want to save some money. 

Perfecting your dorm experience can be challenging when you don’t always know what things you can purchase to make it better or how to make it “your space”. Remember, this is your home away from home and it should feel like such. This means finding things you like that cater to your comfort and having something to look forward to during classes. 

Sherdell Baker is a senior journalism major student at Hampton University. She seeks to bring the quintessential views of contemporary college culture to the masses. Check out more from her here.