Black YouTubers have made significant contributions to the platform, leaving an undeniable mark on the world of online content creation. Their diverse voices and unique perspectives have garnered massive followings, creating a rich and diverse community of online entertainment, education and representation. Transcending the boundaries of traditional content creation, Black YouTubers continue to use YouTube as a platform to inspire and advocate for change. From Marques Brownlee’s tech expertise to Jackie Aina’s groundbreaking work in beauty to Todrick Hall’s creative artistry, to name a few, each YouTuber represents a diverse range of talents and voices while championing diversity and representation on a global scale.

Black YouTubers have not only reshaped industries but have also empowered countless numbers of viewers. Ahead, we’ll dive into ten Black creators who are making waves near and far.

Marques Brownlee: The Black Voice of Tech

Known as MKBHD, Marques Brownlee has established himself as a tech guru on YouTube and is known for his insightful reviews and in-depth analyses of cutting-edge technology. With his charismatic and approachable style, Marques has not only educated millions about the latest gadgets but has also broken barriers as a Black tech creator in a predominantly non-diverse industry. Brownlee has 17.7 million subscribers on YouTube.

Jackie Aina: Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

Jackie Aina is a beauty and lifestyle YouTuber who has revolutionized the beauty industry with her unapologetic advocacy for inclusivity and representation. Through her makeup tutorials, product reviews and candid discussions about diversity in the beauty world, Aina has become a trailblazer for makeup enthusiasts of darker skin tones. Jackie has 3.54 million subscribers on YouTube.

KSI (JJ Olatunji): Fighting His Way To the Top

KSI, whose real name is Olajide “JJ” Olatunji, is a multifaceted British entertainer who has risen to fame through his YouTube channel. Olatunji first gained recognition for his gaming content while posting videos of himself playing FIFA and other video games. Over time, KSI expanded his content to include vlogs and music, which eventually evolved into him becoming a prominent online personality. His bold and charismatic style has earned him a massive following, making him a captivating figure. Beyond YouTube, KSI has also dived into the music industry all while producing chart-topping hits and collaborating with renowned artists. His boxing career, including high-profile matches against fellow YouTubers and celebrities, has further solidified his status as a global influencer making him a prominent well-rounded individual. KSI has 16.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

Todrick Hall: Unapologetically Himself

Todrick Hall is a multi-faceted artist and entertainer known for his extraordinary creativity and versatility. Rising to fame through YouTube, Todrick has captured the hearts of audiences with his music videos, dance routines and theatrical performances. He is not only a gifted singer and dancer but also a visionary director and choreographer, crafting visually stunning and socially relevant content. What makes Todrick an inspiring YouTuber is that he is unapologetically himself, fearlessly addressing topics like LGBTQ+ visibility, self-acceptance and empowerment through his work. Furthermore, his influence extends beyond YouTube, with successful ventures in theater, television and music, including collaborations with prominent artists. Todrick has 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

Patricia Bright: Fashionable Beauty

Patricia Bright is a highly influential YouTuber known for her captivating presence in the world of fashion and beauty. With her infectious personality and relatable content, she has garnered a devoted following, and rightfully so. Patricia’s YouTube channel serves as a hub for fashion inspiration, makeup tutorials, lifestyle advice and candid discussions about personal experiences. She has not only used her platform to showcase her impeccable style but has also championed inclusivity and representation in the beauty industry. Patricia’s transparency about her journey to success with her ability to connect with her viewers on a personal level has solidified her as a beloved figure in the YouTube community. Patricia has 2.8 million subscribers on YouTube.

Swoozie (Adande Thorne): An Animated Life

Swoozie, whose real name is Adande Thorne, is a dynamic and highly popular Black YouTuber and animator known for his engaging storytelling and animated vlogs. With his unique blend of humor, wit and candidness, Swoozie has captivated a wide-ranging audience. He initially gained attention for his entertaining animated stories, where he shares hilarious and relatable anecdotes from his life, often incorporating pop culture references and clever animations. Swoozie’s ability to connect with his viewers through YouTube has made him a standout in the community, earning him millions of subscribers. Moreover, beyond his animation content, he has dived into vlogs, gaming and collaborations with other creators. Swoozie’s distinctive style and genuine charisma have solidified his status as a beloved figure on YouTube, consistently delivering entertaining and memorable content that keeps viewers coming back for more. Swoozie has 7.75 million subscribers on YouTube.

Dormtainment: Bringing the Laughter

Dormtainment is a talented comedy group consisting of six members; Cameron Miller, Chaz Miller, Amanuel Richards, Mike Anthony, Rome Green Jr. and Tay Dier. Known for their humorous sketches, parodies and witty commentary on various aspects of life, Dormtainment gained widespread recognition on YouTube after they created their channel in 2011. Their content often explores relatable themes, from college life and relationships to social commentary on current events and pop culture. Furthermore, Dormtainment’s blend of humor, diversity and creativity has attracted a dedicated fanbase, making them a standout presence in the online comedy sphere. Dormtainment has 1.12 million subscribers on YouTube.

GloZell Green: Justice, Health and Body Positivity

GloZell Green is a vibrant and charismatic YouTuber who has made a significant impact. With her distinctive green lipstick and energetic personality, GloZell has amassed a substantial following by sharing her comedic vlogs and unique interviews with celebrities. She first gained widespread recognition with her viral “Cinnamon Challenge” video, which launched her to internet fame. Beyond her humor, GloZell has also used her platform to address important issues such as social justice, mental health and body positivity. Her openness about her own experiences and her ability to connect with viewers on a personal level has made her a beloved figure on YouTube. GloZell has 4.58 million subscribers on YouTube.

Nyma Tang: Darker Shades for All To See

Nyma Tang, a beauty and makeup enthusiast, is celebrated for her commitment to promoting inclusivity in the beauty industry. Her “The Darkest Shade” series, where she tests makeup products for darker skin tones, has not only provided valuable guidance to individuals with deeper complexions but has also pushed brands to prioritize diversity in their product offerings and shades. Nyma has 1.35 million subscribers on YouTube.

The Black Hokage: It’s Time To Play

The Black Hokage, also known as TBH, is a notable gaming YouTuber known for his witty commentary and humorous takes on gaming. Hokage has gained popularity for his Let’s Play videos, gaming reviews and discussions on a wide range of gaming topics. His unfiltered and entertaining approach to content creation has resonated with viewers and gamers globally, making him a go-to source for insightful gaming content.