It can be hard to get in the holiday spirit when your family is thousands of miles away. Whether you’re in another country or in a new city, take these steps to make your holiday season as joyful as ever.


Treat yo’self to your favorite holiday drink

Donna and Tom said it best. Treating yo’self is something we all should do at some point during the year, and what better time to do so than the holidays? Whether it’s a gingerbread latte from your favorite coffee shop or another holiday sweet treat, give yourself something special this season that will remind you just how awesome the holidays can be.  


Sadly, some people don’t have a home to go to this year. Many people struggle with finding housing during the cold months, as well as food and company. Spending time at a homeless shelter and volunteering at your local food bank will give you the chance to help others who really need it, which is always gift enough.  Giphy

Invite a friend over to watch a holiday movie

Holiday movie and chill, anyone? Whether you’re watching a flick with your new city bae or with a new friend, watching holiday movies with others is one of the best activities of the season. Holiday classics never get old, and depending on how long you’ll be in your new city, this could be a new tradition. If you haven’t been around town long enough to meet anyone yet, try going to a community movie night. It’s a great — and typically inexpensive — way to meet others. Giphy

Go to a meet-up for people that are new to the city is a great resource for people that are new to cities around the country. Groups post new activities weekly, and many that attend are new to the city as well. During the holiday season, the number of meet-ups increases since many people can’t go home. Take advantage of the variety of activities available to you and you might also meet a new friend. 

Video chat the holidays

It is the digital age, after all. Pull out that laptop and FaceTime your family members. You might not be there, but you can definitely act like it! 


How do you make yourself feel at home during the holidays?