Airbnb prides itself in connecting people to incredible places and exposing them to different cultures around the world.

Earlier this year, Airbnb launched an initiative in 25 cities where they offer travelers an opportunity to live like a local through Airbnb Concerts, a platform dedicated to staging live, intimate concerts around the world in unique spaces such as wine cellars, yurts and steamships.

The Airbnb Concerts platform was created with diversity in mind, and they are especially proud to offer concerts that celebrate the African Diaspora and music expression all over the world.

From Los Angeles to Tokyo to Amsterdam, 50 to 100 guests can experience a new way to enjoy music and discover new artists from a variety of genres such as jazz, R&B and hip-hop.

Learn more about some of the featured black musicians, artists and entrepreneurs on Airbnb Concerts platform below!

WMN/N/SND – Brooklyn, NY

WMN/N/SND is hosted by Anastasia, a 10-year music industry executive and owner of music marketing company IMG Agency. The concert celebrates wine, women and music in a comfortable, private setting where guests can hear acoustic performances of original music from some of the best emerging female artists in the area! The genre lineup includes a mix of jazz, pop, soul, spoken word, hip-hop and R&B.

Tokyo Secret Jazz Club – Tokyo, Japan

Raymond and Aryssa are the hosts of this concert. Through their collaboration with Tokyo Hidden Jazz Club, they bring the best of Tokyo's local jazz scene to what is considered one of the city’s most quirky venues. Guests can experience some of Tokyo's finest and top jazz musicians at BPM, the coolest coworking creative space in the city. The electrifying and fresh music is enough to keep people coming back for more!

Legendary Reggae Artists in Hollywood – Los Angeles, CA

Grammy-winner and music producer DJ Burt Blackarach from Public Enemy is the host of this concert. In addition to up and coming artists, guests get to experience legendary reggae and hip-hop legends perform live. The concert is all about bringing positive vibes and awesome energy, making for an unforgettable night. The cocktail bar looks like a 1980s video store that dispenses quality handcrafted drinks and offers a lengthy beer and wine list.

Brixton Hidden Jazz Club – London, UK

Brixton Hidden Jazz Club is hosted by two local jazz musicians, Theo and Jannine, who started the club last summer.

This concert is one of Airbnb’s top five most popular global experiences located at The Pop Box at Pop Brixton, where guests can experience live jazz in an intimate setting. The hosts invite the best and brightest artists from London’s jazz scene, and they guarantee that each night won't be the same.  

A Blending of Art and Music in Brooklyn – Brooklyn, NY

Christina, known as Trumpet Wom’, is the host of this concert where music is blended with art. Formerly known as Trumpet Girl, Trumpet Wom’ is the main act, and she combines the trumpet, keyboards and vocals in her performance. During this concert, two musicians perform while an artist talks about their artwork that is featured in the cafe. Guests will witness a side of Brooklyn that will make them truly feel like a local. They can mingle with other attendees and have the opportunity to purchase artwork.

Jazz @ LP's Jazz Vibe! – San Diego, CA

Leonard, a talented musician with over 25 years of experience, is the host of Jazz @ LP’s Jazz Vibe. The San Diego artist provides guests the opportunity to hang out and enjoy the culture of the music over drinks at the best jazz scene in Southern California.

Intimate Concert in a Coffee Roastery – Oakland, CA

Astu, a rising R&B and Soul musician in Oakland, is the host of this concert series. The concert offers rare live performances and intimate conversations with some of R&B and soul’s newest and brightest stars. As part of this experience, guests can listen to featured artists discuss the creative processes surrounding their music. The soulful evening is spent in a modern warehouse-turned-coffee bar and roastery in Oakland. The location offers a vintage feel, with rich smells of coffee beans, and an art installation in the silhouette of Africa.

Ready to witness the diverse, musical experiences the African Diaspora has to offer through Airbnb Concerts? Start exploring here and watch the video below.