With Springtime coming in slowly and off the heels of Black History Month, it’s time to bring in some new energy. There is no shortage of contributions that HBCU alums have made to our society. So I come bearing gifts and with items and services to help in our everyday lives. This list is even better because all businesses were created by HBCUs– alums. These are some businesses that you have to check out this year.

Talley & Twine — Albany State University 

Telling time couldn’t be easier with the designer watch brand Talley & Twine. After launching in 2014, founder Randy Williams came up with the idea to launch a company that would provide high-quality timepieces at a reasonable price point for our community. Since its inception, the company has gained exposure on prominent media platforms such as Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE Magazine, and EBONY to help expand its reach to higher heights.

The Two-Six Project — Morehouse College 

Finding a sense of community for youth can sometimes be challenging when you don’t know what direction to go. Luckily, the Two-Six Project was created to provide self-growth opportunities in leadership and mentorship. After being launched by Grant Bennett, a senior at the time at famed HBCU Morehouse, the organization flourished amid the pandemic to what we see today.

STEMNoire — Morgan State University

Health and wellness within the African American community have slowly gotten out of the taboo era and have now been taken more seriously. This has been from the help of more people stepping to the plate to work in the health care field. Though we are still not heavily represented, STEMNoire has created an environment specifically to cater to this by hosting its conference. This conference helps to provide women within this sector the opportunity for personal and professional growth among each other.

Tiana Nichelle Marketing (TNM Creative Agency) — Hampton University 

After cultivating her niche in the communications and social media marketing industry, Tiana Ruffin decided to launch her business, Tiana Nichelle Marketing, to help others build their brands with specific strategies to cultivate growth. Her company’s services include brand kit building, social media management, content creation, and photoshoots.

Roletape — North Carolina A&T 

If you’re looking for a photographer or videographer to bring your visions to life, North Carolina A&T alumnus Rahiem Thompson has you covered. Roletape is a photography and videography service company primarily catering to those in the Charlotte area. Services from the company include photo and video coverage for events, headshots, 360 photo booth rental, and even mentorship for those seeking to emerge into the industry. The company has even collaborated with the popular website-building platform GoDaddy in a feature on CBS News.

AMP Beauty LA — Clark Atlanta University 

Finding all of your beauty needs is made easier with AMP Beauty LA. After being founded by three alums of Clark Atlanta University, AMP Beauty LA found its footing in becoming a digital beauty product supplier specifically for women of diverse backgrounds. Their website includes most products from black-owned businesses, most of which are natural or vegan.

Unlimited Possibilities Co.  — Howard University 

Looking for a bit of help planning your next big event? Unlimited Possibilities is the way to go for all your event coordination needs. Since being created in 2007, founder MeLisa Zackery has been able to coordinate grand-scale events such as festivals, conferences, and even congressional meetings, to name a few. Outside of strategic planning, some of her services include on-site event management, venue selection, and virtual event management.

Sherdell Baker is a senior journalism major student at Hampton University. She seeks to bring the quintessential views of contemporary college culture to the masses. Check out more from her here.