Details surrounding Brianna Grier’s death have been revealed. According to The Daily Beast, medical records show the 28-year-old suffered two different skull fractures on the side and back of her head when she fell out of a moving police car after officers failed to close the door.

The analysis, which was requested by the family’s lawyer, Benjamin Crump, was conducted by Dr. Allecia Wilson, the director of autopsy and forensic services at the University of Michigan, with the help of Roger Mitchell, chair of the department of pathology at Howard University.

In a press conference, Wilson explained that Grier also had internal hemorrhages and swelling of the brain. The swelling was so significant that it shifted her brain from one side of her skull to the other. Crump and his team shared that the injuries were the cause of a “violent collision” with a hard object, The Daily Beast reports.

While the medical findings were announced, Grier’s parents held onto a picture of their daughter and her children, Maria and Mariah, who are now in their care.


“That’s why we’re here. We’re trying to get answers so we can finally tell them … what happened,” Grier’s father told a crowd at Mt. Zion Second Baptist Church in Atlanta, according to The Daily Beast.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has yet to reveal the results of an official autopsy, and Crump is worried that it’ll take months to get that information.

“We are demanding that they finish this investigation expeditiously,” Crump said, according to The Daily Beast.